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DeerHunter Gamekeeper Shooting Waistcoat

The Deerhunter Gamekeeper Shooting Waistcoat offers the latest in clothing design and technology to provide the wearer with the ultimate apparel for the ultimate hunter

Deerhunter Gamekeeper garments are designed and made to endure the hardship endured during the long days of hunting in all types of weather conditions.

Deerhunter Gamekeeper waistcoat. Shoulder protection, two good front pockets and a game pocket.

Gamekeeper waistcoat. Made from stretch material to ensure it sits well when shooting. Shoulder protection and water-resistant. Deerhunter Stormliner® Membrane, two large front pockets and a game pocket.

  • Shoulder protection with padding inside
  • Vertical pockets with zippers
  • Two big front pockets with box pleat
  • Game pocket at back with long zipper
  • Adjustable waist with drawstring at back part

DeerHunter Gamekeeper Shooting Waistcoat

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